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Run This Town

For the 2019 drama film Run This Town, I had the opportunity to create the branding for "The Record," a fictional newspaper central to the movie's narrative. My design work included developing a distinctive logo that captures the essence of the publication. The logo, with its bold, modern lines and cohesive circular design, reflects the dynamic and intricate nature of journalism portrayed in the film. Run This Town, directed by Ricky Tollman and featuring an ensemble cast including Ben Platt and Nina Dobrev, premiered at South by Southwest and was subsequently released by Oscilloscope and Elevation Pictures.


At its center is a stylized letter "R," created with a series of concentric lines that form a maze-like pattern. This intricate design symbolizes the complexity and depth of investigative journalism. The use of orange as the primary color adds a sense of energy and urgency, reflecting the dynamic nature of news reporting. Below the emblem, the name "THE RECORD" is displayed in clean, modern typography, reinforcing the brand's contemporary and professional identity.

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